Before and After Minimally Invasive Surgery for AF
Time Event


Your records are received and reviewed. You read materials from this office, and review this website.

6 weeks pre-op

Visit electrophysiologist; referred to the surgeon if appropriate. Receive informational handout. Begin warfarin. Review handouts and website

4 weeks pre-op

Visit surgeon, review questions, and if surgery is appropriate schedule:

  • Surgery
  • Anesthesia Pre-op
  • Surgical Nurse Pre-op
  • Pre-op nuclear treadmill
  • Pre-op echo (TEE)
  • Meet with research nurse

1 week pre-op

  • Transesophageal echo
  • Anesthesia consult
  • Transition off warfarin; begin heparin under the skin

Day of Surgery

First day post-op

Remove chest tubes; restart anticoagulation and antiarrhythmic medications

Third day post-op

Discharge to home

72 hours post discharge

Check INR; resume routine anticoagulation management

1 week post

Visit with EP nurse practitioner

3 weeks post

Visit with surgical nurse

5 weeks post

Visit with surgeon

8 weeks post

Visit with EP nurse practitioner; stop antiarrhythmics

12 weeks post

Visit electrophysiologist; consider stopping anticoagulation

6 months post

Heart Monitor x 2 weeks and visit with electrophysiologist

Every 6 months

Heart Monitor x 2 weeks and visit with electrophysiologist